Buzzfeed CL


1. Because I'd never send a "basic" cover letter to Buzzfeed.

2. Because I'm legit like this when it comes to Adobe Creative Suite. 

Atlantic Wire

Atlantic Wire

3. Because brands should step away from the photoshop apps and leave it to the professionals.

4. Because I am confident when headed into a presentation.

5. Need a light bulb changed? Got it covered...I'm 6' 4".

6. Stop the marketing jargon and just...

7. Because I...




8. Because I strive for the best. 

9. Because I play well with others and love hugs (and know when to appropriately leverage a baby/puppy gif).

10. Because I know the importance of being prepared and always having something to say.

11. Because Buzzfeed makes it work by owning facebook algorithms and maxing out reach using their native video player.

12. Because my reaction to brands who don't make their content mobile friendly is like this.

13. Because everyone at Buzzfeed is an HBIC.



14. Because Buzzfeed has made a positive impact in the way the world consumes news and media.